Who knew how motivating target practice could be?

In addition to conquering the world of food allergies, the Chew Chew Mama is slowly working on potty training her sweet Cub.  I am finding our potty adventures quite humorous and so thought I would post about them for those potty training now and for those that can now laugh looking back and remember all that is behind them.

I’d like to start by saying that like many families, we are hard-core potty cheering family.  We cheer the cub and he also cheers for us.  I laugh every single time that we are cheered.  Our baby boy hears the flush no matter where he is and cheers for his parents for “doing it right” with all his might.

Have I mentioned recently how under-rated cheering is?

On most days, the cub exclaims proudly: “PEE-PEE COMING WIGHT NOW!” with a huge smile.  It’s a great step in the right direction…and I initially got very excited, but I soon came to find out that the statement actually translates very literally: “Mommy, pee-pee is coming out into my diaper right now — you are already too late to run me to the potty, but knock yourself out because I love reading books with you in the bathroom.”  And this makes me laugh very much.

I have read countless books on potty training and sort after the advice of many moms in our circle of friends that I admire greatly.  After all that research, I came to the conclusion…not to stress and not to rush.  Like all rights of passage, this time will soon feel as though it has flown past us and before long our Cub will be the Prince of the Thrown.  And it won’t matter if he was 18 months, 2 years and 5 days old or even three and a half when he was potty trained.  It will only matter that he mastered it.

So we continue on our (currently) lackadaisical approach and are enjoying our final days with the convenience that the diaper really does bring into our lives.  Yup, convenience, I totally said it.  Who’s with me?

Lately, we seem to be getting closer though and it is entirely cub driven.  Cub, a child that adamantly protested the potty three months ago, is now asking independently to go onto the potty and is successful at least once or twice a day at it.  (Note to self and pre-apology to the husband: go shopping and buy lots of cute elastic waist (and preferably plaid) shorts for quick pull downs for running to the potty this summer)

So where is this new Cub mojo coming from?

Pssst….new motivation has been discovered over here.

The other night a reward sprinkle fell into the potty before the job was done.  Cub was amazed that the “frinkle (was) simming!” and in effort to keep this pink (yes, pink) swimming sprinkle from distracting him from the goal…I smiled encouragingly and said, “Get that sprinkle with your pee-pee”.

With these words an explosion of laughter that I would have never expected erupted from the Cub.  I had NO idea how absolutely motivating and exhilarating peeing on something could be until I watched our son in action.  He giggled and focused with all his might to pee on that sprinkle.  And he did.  Then oddly enough he had no problem eating some clean ones as his reward afterwards…go figure.

He’s been peeing on things dropped in the toilet ever since…however, as hilarious as it may be to him, dropping things into the toilet is not something that I want to encourage.  So you can imagine my pure delight when I stumbled upon this beauty today.  Good bye peanut and tree nut safe cereal targets, you are now on standby for when we are out and about.  Potty Shots Decals by Said in Stone.  It was love at first site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SaidInStoneOnline. One word: SOLD.

Coming soon at the House of Chew Chew.  One space ship, one dinosaur and one whale.

Something tells me that my husband, Andrew, just might have some fun with this too?

As Always, thanks for reading and cheer more often for yourselves!  Did you do some laundry today?  Did you clean up after dinner?  Did you master the potty? Sending a “Woot, Woot” and a “Hip, Hip, Hooray” from our house to yours.

Chew Chew Mama

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