Monday Munchie: Blender Ice Cream

Happy Monday!  I hope you enjoy checking out this fun Monday Munchie that our family enjoyed today.

Ice cream is a big challenge for families that deal with peanut allergies.  Most store bought ice cream is unsafe due to all of the cross processing with peanut butter and nuts that occurs in the plants that make ice cream.  And the same goes for going out for an ice cream.  I used to walk into an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop and think – YUM!  Now the only thoughts that go through my mind are: “look at the peanuts RIGHT next to the rainbow sprinkles in the toppings bar…I hope they have some in the back from an unopened container” and “I wonder if peanut butter flavored yogurt was in this machine before they changed it to vanilla”. Usually the answers to questions like that have our family walking out empty handed.

Thankfully, my husband makes amazing homemade ice cream.  When I was pregnant with the cub, he made me 100% organic mint chocolate chip ice cream whenever I requested it (he’s a dream man).  However, as amazing as he is, he works long hours and he uses the evenings to study hard (in his final year graduate school), so the days of whipping up homemade ice cream on a whim are on hold for just a bit longer while we support him. BUT, I will recruit him to make a future Monday Munchie for sure.

So if the Hub didn’t do it…then how did I make that delicious chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream in the push up pop above?

Well, I have to say that the Chew Chew Mama (who was initially resistant) loves Pinterest.  Several weeks ago, I saw a link to an ice cream that was being cited as “a 110 calorie weight watcher’s approved ice cream”.  As any good food allergy mom would do, I investigated this do it yourself (DIY) ice cream a little further and thought…I can make that as safe ice cream for the Cub!

And I did.  And he loved it.  And, bonus, so did my husband (who took a study break to giggle and eat some “ice cream” with us on the porch).

Peanut & Tree Nut Safe “Choco Choco Chip” Ice Cream Alternative


Frozen Bananas

Bakers Cocoa Powder (peanut and tree nut free)

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (I used mini chips)

I used 4 frozen bananas (slightly thawed) and added 2 tablespoon of bakers cocoa powder (1/2 tbsp for each banana). Blended in the blender until smooth.  Then I added in lots of mini chips and loaded them into the push up pop containers.  I re-froze them and then let my family enjoy!

The push up pops (my favorite for summer) are so fun.  I remember getting them from the ice cream man when I was little JUST because I liked pushing up the pop.  These are also getting quite trendy for making layered cupcake pops which I might have to try.  You can get your own by clicking the photo below (12 for $19.99):

Enjoy your “Ice Cream” and be sure to tell me what you think or how your toddler liked it if you try it!

NEXT UP: Birthday Parties…and how we ROLL.

Thanks for Reading,

Chew Chew Mama

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2 thoughts on “Monday Munchie: Blender Ice Cream

  1. Nice one! Great photo too!

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