Things I don’t feel like doing this week…

Yes, it’s true!  We are moving this week.

Not too far and to much more space, but it still requires packing up an entire house and then unpacking it again. Making a once empty house into a home for our family…and doing it at record speed (led by this Mama) to keep all the boys in this house on their schedule.

And even though I don’t feel like diving into all the work of moving, I am rolling up my sleeves, persevering and making it a wonderful and fun adventure for our Bear Cub who is looking at the sea of brown boxes with wide and uncertain eyes.  It’s hard not to smile as he rushes each and every toy over to make sure they all make their way into a box and as I watch him “help me”, by personally writing his name (actually scribbling what looks like ancient hieroglyphics) on all of his boxes of toys so they make it to his new room.

On Wednesday, I will be announcing the big WINNER of my Give Away going on right now for the Epipen Holder by KozyEpi.

Also can not wait to tell you all about a peanut run in that our family had this weekend that I just COULDN’T remain quiet about.  I am going to write all about it very soon.

Until then, I am wishing all of you incredible Mamas out there a wonderful week!  And if you haven’t shared or entered my GIVE AWAY yet – please do – you only have two more days do it!

Thank you for spreading the love and sharing my give away!

Chew Chew Mama

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One thought on “Things I don’t feel like doing this week…

  1. So cute! We have moved plenty of times so I know it is stressful! Good luck getting settled and remember to smile! Have a wonderful week!

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