The Rain Came Down

Today was a gray and rainy day with a gloomy forecast.  I have to say that I have always loved rainy days.  There is something special about them.  Aside from the rainbows that they can bring sometimes, they have a wonderful way of slowing us down over here.  And that is exactly what happened today.  A lazy morning of reading books freshly picked from the library.  Baking pancakes in pajamas. Doing some lessons and crafts at the table and then onto some house work.

My favorite part of house work these days is that I have a wonderful little helper.  And though that sometimes makes housework take a bit longer, I just can’t imagine not having this sweet boy at my side.  I am so thankful to God for giving me the gift of being a mother.  And for sending me this wonderful little boy.  I feel so lucky for both that I still feel like I should pinch myself sometimes.

Today, like any other day, I pulled out my vacuum and the Cub went and got his.  We vacuumed side by side through each room in the house.  After all the vacuuming was done, we decided to go outside for a bit before the rain started to get some fresh air.  The humidity in the air right before a Florida rain storm is pretty intense and was thick when we opened the door and stepped outside.  I grabbed some gloves and a bag and started pulling some weeds in the garden.  The Cub put down his truck and asked to help.  So we pulled weeds and talked all about the garden, the weeds, the dirt, the roots, the earth…until all of a sudden…we felt rain drops.

We used to live on the West coast in Washington state where it would mist you when it rained, but in Florida there is only one kind of rain.  It rains hard.  It pours.  It dumps every bit down on you as fast as possible.

The Cub looked at me and said, “Rain tickles, Mommy!”  So I quoted a line from one of the Cub’s favorite books, The Rain Came Down by David Shannon, “Cubby, the RAIN CAME….?”  “DOWN!” he exclaimed. I looked at his smile and since there was no thunder or lightning in sight, I knew that we just had to play.

We started by catching rain drops in our hands and then tried to catch some on our tongues.  We danced in the rain drops and within no time, we realized that our new house has GREAT puddles for jumping in near the sidewalk.  So we jumped and jumped and splashed…until the rain stopped.  And then we continued jumping some more in the puddles that were left behind by the passing storm.

We are learning a lot of things about the new house, one is that our mail man totally and completely creeps me out (sorry to get off topic) and the other is that God seriously makes the best sprinkler and slip and slide right in our front yard. Thank you, God!

Before long, we had sprinted and jumped and splashed up an appetite.  It was time to go in for lunch and then nap time for the Cub.  You’ll never guess what book he asked to read before nap?  The Rain Came Down by David Shannon.  Check out the link below.

If you haven’t read this book, it’s worth a read.  The theme of the book is that it is rainy out and everything is going wrong for the people in the town and they aren’t patient or kind to one another.  Before long, the “rain stopped” and the sun comes out with a rainbow reminding everyone that after every storm that may come into your life, things get better.  (Wondering how many of you will recognize the theme of this story from another great book?)  In the end, the people of the town all help each other and move on with a better day.

We enjoy reading the book very much.  Our favorite parts of the book are the colorful illustrations, the opportunities for pointing out spots where there is a need for more kindness and the most important repetitive phrase “and still, the Rain Came Down” which delights the Cub every time he “reads” it.

The books that young children often choose as their favorites are usually those that are highly predictable. A repetitive book may be predictable in several different ways; the story can repeat itself, a phrase can appear on each page or the same question might be asked throughout the book. The predictability of repetitive books allows a child to grasp the content or main idea of the story with greater ease, because it decreases the “cognitive load” that often comes with reading a more narrative type story.

So if you are looking for a fun book with repetitive phrases to read with your little one, check out The Rain Came Down by David Shannon.

And then go play in the rain!

Thanks for stopping by,

Chew Chew Mama

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2 thoughts on “The Rain Came Down

  1. It’s raining here today as well. We haven’t had a chance to get out and play, but I do enjoy days like this every once and awhile.

    One of my favorite quotes:

    “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” ~Bob Marley

  2. chewchewmama on said:

    I love that quote! It’s perfect for today!

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