You Color My World

This morning the Cub and I baked Vanilla Bean Scones.  I won’t even try to recreate the recipe, because it is amazing exactly the way that it is and you can find it here.  While the scones were cooling, I decided that before we ingest these sinfully delicious scones, we should take a brisk morning walk.  Would certainly make me feel less guilty for the gluten-fest that I was about to partake in and would provide us with some exercise and fresh air.

I told the Cub to grab his pail, because we were going on a scavenger hunt.  Since colors are a concept that the Cub has finally mastered I decided to go on our own age-appropriate, scavenger hunt.  A Color Scavenger Hunt.  I had no idea that it would be such a hit with my sweet boy.

It is ridiculously hot and humid in Florida and some of the leaves have just called it quits already…it seems that they just can’t bare the heat for a few more months and have started to give up and turn colors.  My son was very excited about this and I loved his enthusiasm.


I only had to get the cub started with a single green leaf and ask “what color we should look for next” and he immediately took over and was leading the hunt. Instructing me of which color we should look for in our neighborhood next.

“White next, Mommy”.  “We need white”.

Before long, we had quite a colorful collection, had completed a nice walk through our neighborhood and we had each heated up in the sun while the scones had cooled on the counter.

We brought all of our treasures home and studied them.  The colors.  The shapes. We even got out the Cub’s crab-shaped magnified glass to take a closer look at the textures.  Then we got out card stock and the Cub chose a spot for each of his treasures and glued them all down.  I labeled for him…but only after a quick review…”Mommy forgot…what color is this one again?”

He’s been talking about our hunt all day.  Right up until bed time tonight.

Tomorrow “we need to find blue, Mommy”.

So simple.  Just together.  Outside.  And so fun to enjoy watching his little eyes shine brightly and witness his mind search, discover and think.  Such an amazing gift he is to us.  Oh how lucky we are!

As I sit here typing this short post, I can’t help but wonder as I look at the Cub’s work of art, if perhaps these leaves were more wise then I gave them credit for…maybe they were not giving up…instead finding a way to end up in the cool air of our home, continuing to be enjoyed as we smile as we pass them by inside.

All of life makes me smile.

Happy Color Hunting!

Thanks for Reading,

Chew Chew Mama

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